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What is a session like?

We meet in-person (SF Bay Area) or on Zoom for an hour each time. The session is completely yours. That means I’ll ask you questions to figure out what the best use of our time is, and we’ll find a path together. So there’s talking (words are definitely useful for bringing things out into the world), but at the heart of it there’s somatic practice: using our bodies to learn. Standard and improvised movement and touch practices are adapted to your needs, requests, and boundaries.

I charge on a sliding scale from $80-110/hour. We can discuss payment in more detail during an initial consultation


Click below to book an initial no-charge consultation. We'll spend up to 30 minutes getting a sense of what you need help with and answering any questions you have about me or the coaching process. Calls are offered on Zoom or other video call format. 


There’s nothing about us, no sensation, no idea, no breath, no emotion, no story, no sense of anything that doesn’t take place within our bodies... 

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It’s kind a strange word for what seems to actually go down in the work that I do. I had either heard or shared so many sports metaphors in my life that the first images that would come to mind for “coach” tended to...

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About Me

I care. This stuff really matters to me: finding our way out of our way so that life can express itself more clearly and with more vigor. My path through life has always returned me to my body. Sometimes it has looked like going to the gym. Sometimes it’s been extensive meditation practice and retreats. Sometime the discovering and flourishing of intimacy and sexuality. Sometimes dance. Sometimes yoga. Sometimes therapy. Sometimes biking. Sometimes grief, loss, racialization, and gender. All of this has taken place in my body and has called out greater intimacy with my body. I'm now fully trained as a Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute and the International Coaching Federation (official accreditation expected in May 2024). Helping others connect somatically feels like my past lovingly informing the present and future. In the service of life.



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